Procrastination Hacking, with Shirley Eylor Asif


Show Notes

Introduction of Shirley Eylor Asif [0:22]

How Shirley got involved in the field of procrastination [1:25]

What do you do when you procrastinate? [2:11]

The pattern/cycle/stages/phases of procrastination [2:25]

What is at the core of procrastination [6:50]

What research shows the reasons for procrastination is [8:15]

Can procrastination be hacked just by doing it? [9:16]

Research is on motivation [11:26]

Strongest motivation [11:56]

The procrastinators mindset [12:26]

Pareto role applied to behavior [13:29]

Trying to do too many things cause procrastination? [14:34]

On schedule tool [17:46]

Are busy people more efficient? [19:39]

Shifting your mind [23:12]

Way to make growth mindset active [26:51]

False beliefs [31:36]

Tools for pattern interrupts to hack this [33:12]

Thoughts on medicating procrastination [36:00]

Habits? [38?]

Studies on addiction being social based [40:12]

Habits [43:33]

Living in the present [46:30]

Signs of procrastination [48:56]